SIEMENS S7-400 SIMATIC PLC Programmable Logic Controller

SIEMENS S7-400 SIMATIC PLC Programmable Logic Controller

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SIMATIC S7-400 – Siemens PLC
The Power Controller for system solutions in the manufacturing and process industries
Within the Controller family, the SIMATIC S7-400 is designed for system solutions in the manufacturing and process automation.
The product range comprises 9 Standard CPUs, 2 failsafe and 2 high available CPUs.

The following features make the SIMATIC S7-400 the most powerful Simatic PLC:
The S7-400 is especially suitable for data-intensive tasks in the process industry. High processing speeds and deterministic response times guarantee short machine cycle times on highspeed machines in the manufacturing industry. The highspeed backplane bus of S7-400 ensures efficient linking of central I/O modules.
The S7-400 is used preferably to coordinate overall plants and to control lower-level communications lines with slave stations; this is guaranteed by the high communication power and the integral interfaces.
The power of the S7-400 is scalable thanks to a graded range of CPUs; the capacity for I/O is almost unlimited.
The power reserves of the CPUs enable new functions to be integrated without further hardware investment, e.g. processing of quality data, user-friendly diagnosis, integration into higher-level MES solutions or high-speed communication via bus systems.
The S7-400 can be structured in a modular way without any slot rules; there is a widely varied range of modules available both for centralized configurations and distributed structures.
The configuration of the distribuded I/O of the S7-400 can be modified during operation. In addition signal modules can be removed and inserted while live (hot swapping). This makes it very easy to expand the system or replace modules in the event of a fault.
The storage of the complete project data including symbols and comments on the CPU simplifies service and maintenance calls
Safety technology and standard automation can be integrated into an S7-400 controller; the plant availability can be increased by the redundant set-up of the S7-400.
Many of the S7-400 components are also available in a SIPLUS version for external environmental conditions, e.g. extended temperature range (-25?+60°C) and for use where there is aggressive atmosphere/condensation.

SIPLUS S7-400 
 Order no. StandardOrder no. SIPLUS
Interface modules
PROFIBUS module  IF 964 DP6ES7964-2AA04-0AB06AG1964-2AA04-2AB0
Expansion modules digital
SM 421 32DI6ES7421-1BL01-0AA06AG1421-1BL01-2AA0
SM 422 32DO6ES7422-1BL00-0AA06AG1422-1BL00-2AA0
UR1 redundant6ES7400-1TA01-0AA06AG1400-1TA01-2AA0
Connection with IM 460 / IM461 
IM 460-0 transmitter6ES7460-0AA01-0AB06AG1460-0AA01-4AB0
IM 461-0  receiver6ES7461-0AA01-0AA06AG1461-0AA01-4AA0
Power supply
PS 405
Input: DC 24/48/60V Output: DC 5V/24V – 10A
Extraordinary medial load (conformal coating)
SIPLUS S7-400 
 Order no. StandardOrder no. SIPLUS
CPU 414-4H fault-tolerant6ES7414-4HJ04-0AB06AG1414-4HJ04-4AB0
CPU 416-3 PN/DP6ES7416-3ER05-0AB06AG1416-3ER05-4AB0
CPU 416-36ES7416-3XR05-0AB06AG1416-3XR05-4AB0
CPU 417-46ES7417-4XT05-0AB06AG1417-4XT05-4AB0
CPU 417-4H
Sync Submodules for coupling CPU 41x-4H 
Sync submodul fault-tolerant6ES7960-1AA00-0XA06AG1960-1AA00-4XA0
Sync submodul up to 10m  fault-tolerant6ES7960-1AA04-0XA06AG1960-1AA04-4XA0
Expansion modules analog 
SM 431 16DI6ES7431-0HH00-0AB06AG1431-0HH00-4AB0
SM 432 8AO6ES7432-1HF00-0AB06AG1432-1HF00-4AB0
Function modules 
FM 450-16ES7450-1AP00-0AE06AG1450-1AP00-4AE0
Communication modules 
CP 443-56GK7443-5DX04-0XE06AG1443-5DX04-4XE0
CP 443-16GK7443-1EX11-0XE06AG1443-1EX11-4XE0
UR2-H with 2×9 slots – fault-tolerant6ES7400-2JA00-0AA06AG1400-2JA00-4AA0
UR2-H with 2×9 slots – fault-tolerant, alu6ES7400-2JA10-0AA06AG1400-2JA10-4AA0
Power supplies 
PS 407 Input: UC 120/230V Output: DC 5V/24V – 10A6ES7407-0KA02-0AA06AG1407-0KA02-4AA0
PS 407
Input: UC 120/230V Output: DC 5V/24V – 10A
 Order no. StandardOrder no. SIPLUS
Circuit modification
SIPLUS S7-400 
 Order no. StandardOrder no. SIPLUS
Expansion modules analog 
SM 431 BEG AI6x14 REF6ES7431-1KF20-0AB06AG1431-1KF20-4AY0

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