Business Services

Business Services

Fan Afras Technical Engineering Company with long experience in importing and supplying industrial equipment and using the knowledge of companies

World-renowned and the ability of experienced domestic experts as one of the most reliable sources of supply of this equipment take effective steps in

The development of various industries in the country has taken off.

In this regard, the company has a history of cooperation with Wika, Ashcroft, United Electrics, Barton, Omega, Metrix, Bently Nevada and …

Has so far succeeded in preparing and delivering many items of products of these companies (especially in the field of oil, gas and petrochemicals)

You can see some of these products in the menu of products> Commercial goods> Industrial goods.

Fan Afras Co. is also the sole sales representative of SHANGHAI JIANHENG INSTRUMENT CO. LTD is in Iran

The relevant certificate is in the section of cooperation certificates.

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