Fanafras (Fan Afarinan Rakhshan Sepehr) technical & engineering company has established, by a group of experts and inventives having bright background, to create upwell designing and modern industrial plans. This company has more than ten years precedent on technical & engineering services as below:

1-Designing ,Manufacturing and supplying devices and equipments of industrial, airport, earthy and laboratory.

2-Designing, manufacturing, supplying , installing, operating, maintenance and keeping of mechanical, electrical, hydraulic and industrial installation

3-Designing, manufacturing, and supplying varieties of calibrators and testers

4-Designing, manufacturing, and supplying varieties of jigs , fixtures and stands

5-Repairing , and supplying varieties of booster pumps and air animations pumps.

6-Industrial automation

7-Designing and producing varieties of industrial parts in oil and petrochemical , automotive and… with mass circulation

8-Presentation council on technical, engineering and calibration.

9-All commercial services

Registrated earlier 2009 reg.num : 347849, officially started it’s activities on producing parts and equipments industry necessity . Management and expert staff have sequential activities in different industry with high experiment in executive, related to big projects. Fanafras company have a long experiment in import and supply industrial equipments using knowledge of world credible companies, inner experienced experts, as a trustful source in import and supply such equipments, done effective role in different industrial development in the country. Ideal of this company is to use whole potential and experts to industrial progress based on modern technology, using maximum inner scientific potential energy, preferment Iran’s level among world industrial countries, reach Self-sufficiency on field of technics and engineering. Fanafras company tried to attract creative, active, obligor and expert stuff make a excellent form in terms of human resources. The company has outlined it’s perspective to reach the top point at technical and engineering services to primary industries of country and developing these services abroad. To accomplish this, we perform all Research projects and operational required in industries of country and Participate in domestic and international tenders related to company business area put on its agendum.