Providing technical-advice

Providing technical-advice

The most important activities for setting up a laboratory are as follows:

1- Preparing the environment plan of calibration laboratories according to the relevant standard and supervising its proper implementation.

2- Consulting in the field of creating environmental conditions of the laboratory related to each quantity and monitoring it in accordance with the requirements of ISO 17025 standard.

3- Preparing the scope of work including the range of the best measuring power and reference standards.

3-1- Preparation of the scope of work of the calibration laboratory by the consultant and its implementation after the approval of the employer.

4- Writing and compiling executive methods and calibration instructions in the field of scope of work of the calibration laboratory, methods

Execution and calibration laboratory instructions in line with the company’s future goals to obtain ISO 17025 standard license

Is prepared.

5- Calculating the uncertainty and the best measuring power of the calibration laboratory related to each quantity.

6- General calibration training for company personnel (in a practical way).

7- Calibration specialized training related to each quantity to the technical personnel of the company.

7-1- Required trainings (at the discretion of the consultant) to obtain the necessary permits during some training courses for technical personnel

Participate outside the company or provide training by other organizations and authorities.

8- Practical training of calibration while working to the technical personnel of the company (for all the quantities subject to the contract of the calibration laboratory).

9- Consulting in the field of purchasing calibration laboratory reference equipment.

10- Consulting in the field of calibration of calibration laboratory reference equipment.

11- Pre-audit to obtain certification from the Organization for Standardization and Industrial Research or the Iranian Certification System for

Calibration laboratory.

12- Preparing the calibration laboratory to obtain the approval of the Standards and Industrial Research Organization of Iran.

13- Obtaining certificates related to the calibration of equipment related to the subject of the contract.

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