Training and power

Training and power

Fan Afras Technical and Engineering Company (Rakhshan Sepehr Technicians) with the efforts of a group of prominent and experienced experts and innovators ‌

Brilliant with established with the aim of creating a suitable platform for designing and carrying out up-to-date industrial designs.

The company with more than five years of experience in providing technical and engineering services, including:

1- Manufacture of industrial, airport, ground and laboratory devices and equipment

2. Design, construction, installation, commissioning, maintenance of mechanical, electronic, hydraulic and industrial facilities

3- Industrial automation

4- Performing all laboratory services, measurement and calibration

5- Providing technical, engineering and calibration advice

It was officially registered in early 2009 under No. 347849 and officially started its activity in the field of production of parts and equipment.

The needs of the industry have begun. The managers and specialized staff of the company who have been active in various industries for many years have gained experience.

They are valuable in the field of executive activities related to large projects.

Fan Afras Technical and Engineering Company with long experience in importing and supplying industrial equipment and using the knowledge of reputable companies

The world and the ability of experienced domestic experts as one of the safest sources of import and supply of this equipment take effective steps in

The development of various industries in the country has taken off.

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