Proline t-mass 65F, 65I Thermal Mass Flow Measuring System

Proline t-mass 65F, 65I Thermal Mass Flow Measuring System

You are currently viewing Proline t-mass 65F, 65I Thermal Mass Flow Measuring System

Thermal Mass Flow Measuring System

Direct Mass Flow Measurement of Gases

For measuring the mass flowrate of a wide range of gas
types e.g.
• Compressed air
• Natural gas flow to boilers/dryers
• Carbon Dioxide flow in breweries
• Biogas and aeration air in waste water plants
• Gas production (e. g. Ar, N2, CO2, He, O2)
• Leakage detection
Approvals for hazardous area:
Connection to all common process control systems:

Your benefits
Direct measurement of gas mass flow. Provides
temperature as an output.
The Proline transmitter concept comprises:
• Modular device and operating concept resulting in a
higher degree of efficiency
• Quick setup operating menus for ease of
• On board software freely allows the selection of up to
20 pure gases and creation of mixed gases with a
maximum of 8 components (e. g. Biogas)
The t-mass sensors offer:
• Negligible pressure drop or loss
• Wide turndown of up to 100:1
• Insertion version can be programmed for circular pipe
or rectangular ducting installation
• Each device individually calibrated and delivered with
a traceable certificate
• Can be calibrated with flow conditioner on request.
• Optional hot tap device for insertion allowing ease of
removal/replacement for range of process pressure up
to 16 Barg (230 psig) and non-toxic gas applications.

The measuring system consists of a transmitter and a sensor. Two versions are available:
• Compact version: transmitter and sensor form a single mechanical unit.
• Remote version: transmitter and sensor are mounted physically separate from one another.

Measured variable • Mass flow
• Gas temperature
• Gas heat flow

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