Rosemount Manifolds 305/306

Rosemount Manifolds 305/306

You are currently viewing Rosemount Manifolds 305/306

Factory assembled, leak-tested, and
• Full breadth of offering including integral,
conventional, and inline designs
• Integral design enables “flangeless” valve
• 2, 3, and 5 valve configurations
• Compact, lightweight design
• Easy in-process calibration

• Direct-mount capability

Rosemount Pressure Solutions Rosemount 3051S Series of Instrumentation Highest performing scalable pressure, flow and level measurement solutions drive better plant efficiency and more productivity. Innovative features include wireless, advanced diagnostics, and multivariable technologies. Rosemount 3095 Mass Flow Transmitter Accurately measures differential pressure, static pressure and process temperature to dynamically calculate fully compensated mass flow. Rosemount 3051 Pressure Transmitter Proven industry standard performance and reliability to increase plant profitability. Includes the most comprehensive offering to meet all application needs. Rosemount 2051 Pressure Transmitter Foundation for reliable measurement improves installation and maintenance practices. Common product family with a wide range of output protocols built on the flexible Coplanar?platform. Rosemount 304, 305 and 306 Manifolds Factory-assembled, calibrated and seal-tested transmitter-to-manifold assemblies reduce installation costs. Rosemount 1199 Diaphragm Seals Provides reliable, remote measurements of process pressure and protects the transmitter from hot, corrosive, or viscous fluids. Orifice Plate Primary Element Systems: Rosemount
1495 and 1595 Orifice Plates, 1496 Flange Unions and
1497 Meter Sections
A comprehensive offering of orifice plates, flange unions and meter sections that are easy to specify and order. The 1595 Conditioning Orifice provides superior performance in tight fit applications. Annubar?Flowmeter Series: Rosemount 3051SFA ProBar? 3095MFA Mass ProBar? and 485 The state-of-the-art, fifth generation Rosemount 485 Annubar combined with the 3051S or 3095 MultiVariable transmitter creates an accurate, repeatable and dependable insertion-type flowmeter. Compact Orifice Flowmeter Series: Rosemount 3051SFC, 3095MFC, and 405 Compact Orifice Flowmeters can be installed between existing flanges, up to a Class 600 (PN100) rating. In tight fit applications, a conditioning orifice plate version is available, requiring only two diameters of straight run upstream and two downstream. ProPlate?Flowmeter Series: Rosemount 3051SFP ProPlate, 3095MFP Mass ProPlate, and 1195 These integral orifice flowmeters eliminate the inaccuracies that become more pronounced in small orifice line installations. The completely assembled, ready to install flowmeters reduce cost and simplify installation.

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