Liquiline M CM42 Two-wire transmitter for Ex and non-Ex areas

Liquiline M CM42 Two-wire transmitter for Ex and non-Ex areas

You are currently viewing Liquiline M CM42 Two-wire transmitter for Ex and non-Ex areas

Liquiline M CM42
Two-wire transmitter for Ex and non-Ex areas
Analog sensors: pH/ORP / Conductivity / Concentration / Resistivity

Digital sensors: pH/ORP / Oxygen / Conductivity

Liquiline M CM42 is a modular two-wire transmitter for all
areas of process engineering.
Depending on the ordered version, Liquiline has one or two
analog current outputs or it can be connected to field buses as
The transmitter is suitable for pollution degree 3.
The extremely robust, corrosion-resistant plastic version and
the hygienic stainless steel version are designed for the
following applications:
• Chemical processes
• Pharmaceuticals industry
• Foodstuff technology
• Applications in hazardous locations

Your benefits
• Cost-saving:
– Simple commissioning with Quick Setup and Navigator
(multifunction button)
– Memosens: Plug & play of laboratory calibrated sensors
– Predictive maintenance system detects when a sensor has
to be cleaned, calibrated or replaced
– Less storage thanks to modular design
– Effective asset management thanks to Fieldcare and
[email protected]
• Safe:
– Memosens: Active display of cable interruption
– User-guided commissioning, graphic display and plain text
– Approvals: ATEX, FM, CSA, NEPSI, TIIS
– Code-protected commissioning and calibration
– SIL2 measuring point: TÜV approval for pH glass with

Memosens makes your measuring point safer and more reliable:
• Non-contact, digital signal transmission enables optimum galvanic isolation
• No galvanic corrosion
• Completely watertight
• Laboratory sensor calibration possible, thus increasing measured value availability
• Predictive maintenance thanks to recording of sensor data, e.g.:
– Total hours of operation
– Hours of operation with very high or very low measured values
– Hours of operation with high temperatures
– Number of steam sterilizations
– Sensor condition

Measuring system: Examples
pH / ORP (analog sensor)
• CM42-P/R…
• Measuring cable CPK9
• Assembly Cleanfit CPA471
• Sensor Orbisint CPS11
Conductivity, inductive
measurement (analog)
• CM42-I…
• Assembly Dipfit CLA111
• Sensor Indumax CLS50
Conductivity, conductive
measurement (analog)
• CM42-C…
• Measuring cable CPK9
• Sensor Condumax CLS16
Memosens (digital sensor)
• CM42-K/M/N/O…
• Measuring cable CYK10
• (Assembly Unifit CPA442)
• Sensor CPS11D (pH: glass)/
CPS471D (pH: ISFET)/
COS22D/51D (oxygen) /
(conductivity, cond. meas

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