Endress+Hauser Electrodes for pH measurement CPS11 / CPS71

Endress+Hauser Electrodes for pH measurement CPS11 / CPS71

You are currently viewing Endress+Hauser Electrodes for pH measurement CPS11 / CPS71

• Long–term stability electrode with double chamber
– effective and stable content between diaphragm
and reference lead through integrated bridge
– protected reference lead
– maximized diffusion path for electrode poisons
allows longest lifetime in service
• Short response time due to ceramic diaphragm and
liquid gel reference
• Poison resistance through integrated response zones
for silver ions and electrode toxins
• Resistance to high temperatures and alternating
pressure through integrated bridge electrolytes with
new composition
• Process systems and process monitoring with:
– quickly changing pH values
– high proportion of electrode poisons such as H2S
– alternating temperatures and pressures
• Food industry and pharmaceutical industry

• Water treatment

• Low-cost retrofit system for your existing pH probes
• Innovative design from the #1 industrial pH electrode supplier
• The first NEMA 6P rated watertight system on the market
• Integrated Pt 100 temperature measurement
• Highest quality production in the USA for over 30 years

• Waterproof TOP 68 connector is totally submersible
• Reduced cost of ownership
• Dirt-repellent PTFE ring junction prevents blocking, assures long
term stability and accuracy
• Solid “Polytex” electrolyte, enabling use under pressures of up
to 87 psi without counter pressure
• Long reference cartridge for considerably extended service life
Process technology and monitoring:
• Paper industry
• Fermentors
• Plastics chemistry
• Power plants, including flue gas washers
• Incinerating plants
• Breweries
Water treatment:
• Drinking water
• Boiler feed water
• Cooling water
• Waste water
• Well water
Combined pH electrode available with integrated Pt 100
temperature sensor right at the tip:
• faster speed of response
• continuous and accurate temperature compensated
pH measurement even during calibration in small volumes

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