AUMA part-turn actuators SG series

AUMA part-turn actuators SG series

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AUMA part-turn actuators serve to operate part-turn valves. The motor revolutions are reduced and transformed into a swivel movement via a planetary and worm gearing. AUMA part-turn actuators SG can close and open the valve either in limit or torque seating. For this purpose two independent measuring systems are integrated into the control unit. Limit and torque seating require different logic connections of the actuator signals, which must be realized in the controls. 

When using the actuator controls AUMA MATIC the desired seating method can be set by a switch. Limit seating in opening and closing direction The limit switches are adjusted so that the actuator switches off at the desired end positions.

Torque seating in closing direction Certain valve types are torqueseated. In this case the torque switching is set to the desired tripping torque. The limit switching is set so that the switch trips just short of the end position. By utilizing both signals in the controls the signal ‘end position reached’ can be transmitted to the control room. Torque switching as overload protection The torque switching acts as overload protection for the driven valve in both directions over the whole travel. The actuator is switched-off if the torque switching is tripped before reaching an end position, i.e. due to tightness of the valve or a trapped object. In this case the signalisation of the limit switching is missing, therefore a fault signal is indicated at the control room.

Part-turn valves find applications in many industries worldwide to control the flow in pipelines. Electric part-turn actuators are gaining more and more importance in the field of automation. AUMA has further developed the reliable part-turn actuators of the SG range to meet the increasing requirements for valve automation. AUMA is a leading manufacturer of electric actuators. More than 30 years’ experience in conjunction with the innovative spirit of our engineers are the sound basis for constant improvements and further developments. AUMA offers a wide range of actuators which fulfills all usual requirements
of valve automation. Multi-turn actuators from 10Nmup to 32 000 Nm, part-turn actuators from 25 Nm up to 250 000 Nm or linear thrust units from 3,8 kN up to 217 kN. All kinds of valves can be operated by rotation, swivel and linear movements.

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