PEPPERL+FUCHS K-ADP-USB Adapter with USB Interface

PEPPERL+FUCHS K-ADP-USB Adapter with USB Interface

You are currently viewing PEPPERL+FUCHS K-ADP-USB Adapter with USB Interface

• Isolated USB interface cable
• Used with K- and H-System devices

• Used with PACTwareTM

The K-ADP-USB is a programming
adapter that connects the USB interface
of a PC/notebook for the PACTware™
configuration software and can be used to
program K-, E- and H system barriers via
the programming socket on the front
panel of these barriers.
As K-, E- and H-System devices have
formerly been equipped with
programming sockets with different
standard dimensions (3.55 mm x
۱۸.۳ mm, see drawing, pos. 3 – newer
devices 3.5 mm x 14 mm, pos. 1), an
adapter (pos. 2) for the parameterisation
of all devices is attached to K-ADP-USB.
The 18.3 mm version can still be used for
urgent service assignments. However,
the user must be aware of the fact that the
plug protrudes from new units by approx.
۴ mm. Extensive pushing of the plug may
lead to damage on units.
For information about programming and
software, refer to www.pepperlfuchs.
Features Dimensions
Technical data
Electrical specifications
Current consumption 50 mA
Electrical isolation functional insulation acc. to IEC 62103, rated insulation
voltage 50 Vrms
Ambient conditions
Ambient temperature -20 … 60 °C (253 … 333 K)
Mechanical specifications
Connection to the PC: USB type A
to the device: connector 3.5 mm and 3.55 mm
Length L 3 m

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