KFD2-EB2.R4A.B Redundant Power Feed Module

KFD2-EB2.R4A.B Redundant Power Feed Module

You are currently viewing KFD2-EB2.R4A.B Redundant Power Feed Module

Interface for Power Rail
• Used for redundant configuration
• Supply rating 4 A, external fused
• Relay contact output, reversible
• LED status indication
The power feed module interfaces 24 V DC power to the Power Rail at a maximum current of 4 A and is designed for applications requiring redundant power. The twin input terminals allow for daisy-chaining of supply (max. 10 A). A green LED on the front of the unit indicates that power is on, and a red LED illuminates during error conditions. In the event of a field wiring or barrier fault from any barrier on the Power Rail, the integral collective error messaging relay alerts the controller via a single digital I/O point. This relay can be configured as normally open or normally closed. Additionally, the bus implemented in the Power Rail is forwarded to the outside terminals 13 and 15 for usage with KFD2-WAC2-Ex1.D RS 485 connection. Terminal 14 is only for test purposes. In the sense of functional safety (SIL) the device provides no dangerous failures. Thereby the safe condition of the supplied barrier must be defined as the powerless state. Thus the device will not influence the safety calculation or the SIL value. This device is compatible with all versions of the Power Rail and provides group fusing.
Note: Redundant systems require two KFD2-EB.R4A.B


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