PEPPERL+FUCHS Inductive slot sensor SJ3,5-S1N

PEPPERL+FUCHS Inductive slot sensor SJ3,5-S1N

You are currently viewing PEPPERL+FUCHS Inductive slot sensor SJ3,5-S1N

Model Number

Features• ۳.۵ mm slot width
• Usable up to SIL 3 acc. to IEC 61508
• Nonferrous targets

In safety-related applications the
sensor must be operated with a
qualified fail safe interface from
Pepperl+Fuchs, such as KFD2-SH-EX1.
Consider the “exida Functional Safety Assessment”
document which is available on as an integral part

of this product’s documentation.

Technical Data
General specifications
Switching element function NAMUR, NO
Slot width 3.5 mm
Depth of immersion (lateral) 5 … 7 typ. 6 mm
Output polarity Safety Function
Nominal ratings
Nominal voltage Uo 8 V
Switching frequency f 0 … 2500 Hz
Hysteresis H with NAMUR switch amplifier: 0.09 mm (e. g. Pepperl+Fuchs
with safety switch amplifier 0.05 mm (e. g. Pepperl+Fuchs KFD2-
Suitable for 2:1 technology yes , with reverse polarity protection diode

Rate of current rise 2.1 mA / mm
Current consumption
Measuring plate not detected ≤ ۱ mA
Measuring plate detected ≥ ۳ mA
Functional safety related parameters
MTTFd 7974 a
Mission Time (TM) 20 a
Diagnostic Coverage (DC) 0 %
Ambient conditions
Ambient temperature -25 … 100 °C (-13 … 212 °F)
Mechanical specifications
Connection type flexible leads LIY , 500 mm
Core cross-section 0.14 mm2
Housing material PBT
Protection degree IP67
Note only for non-ferrous metal
Adjustable stop
General information
Use in the hazardous area see instruction manuals
Category 1G; 2G; 3G; 1D
Compliance with standards and directives
Standard conformity
Standards EN 60947-5-2:2007
IEC 60947-5-2:2007
Approvals and certificates
FM approval
Control drawing 116-0165F
UL approval cULus Listed, General Purpose
CSA approval cCSAus Listed, General Purpose
CCC approval CCC approval / marking not required for products rated ≤۳۶ V

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