Yokogawa Electromagnetic flow-meter Flowmet (EMF)

Yokogawa Electromagnetic flow-meter Flowmet (EMF)

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Yokogawa Electromagnetic flow-meter Flowmet (EMF)


The ADMAG AXR two-wire magnetic flowmeter can be installed in the two-wire system without any AC power source, thus drastically reducing the initial instrumentation cost.

The ADMAG AXR is the world’s first two-wire magnetic flowmeter which employs the fluid noise free “Dual Frequency Excitation Method,” achieving excellent stability for instrumentation.
Like the AXF four-wire magnetic flowmeter series, the ADMAG AXR has user-friendly functions such as a full dot-matrix LCD indicator, electrode adhesion level diagnosis function, and a multi-lingual display. The magnet switches can be used for checking and setting parameters without opening the case cover.

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Specifications: ADMAG AXF Magnetic Flowmeters

 AXF Remote FlowtubeAXF Integral FlowmeterAXFA14 ConverterAXFA11 Converter
Nominal Pipe Size۲.۵ to 2600 mm
(۰.۱ to 104 in.)
[depends on model type and process connection type]
۲.۵ to 400 mm
(۰.۱ to 16 in.)
[depends on model type and process connection type]
For Flowtube
size ; 2.5 to 400mm
(۰.۱ to 16 in.)
For Flowtube
size ; 2.5 to 2600mm
(۰.۱ to 104 in.)
Type of useGeneral-purpose use,
Ex-proof type,
Sanitary type,
Submersible type
General-purpose use,
Ex-proof type,
Sanitary type
General-purpose use,
Ex-proof type
General-purpose use
Fluid Temp.-۴۰~۱۶۰ deg.C (-40 to 320 deg.F)
(-۱۰ to 160 deg.C (14 to 320 deg.F) for Sanitary type)
– ۴۰~۱۳۰ deg.C (-40 to 266 deg.F)
(-۱۰ to 130 deg.C (14 to 266 deg.F) for Sanitary type)
Ambient Temp.-۴۰ to 60 deg.C (-40 to 140 deg.F) [ depends on model type ]
Accuracy۰.۳۵% of rate (Optional ; 0.2% of rate)
Fluid Conductivity۱ micro-S/cm or larger (depends on nominal pipe size and fluid condition)
LiningFluorocarbon PFA/Ceramics/Polyurethance Rubber/
EPDM Rubber/ Natural Soft Rubber
[depends on model type]
Process ConnectionWafer, Flange, Sanitary connections
(Clamp[Tri-clamp, DIN, ISO], Union thread[DIN, ISO SMS], Butt-weld), etc.
Maximum Cable Length۱۰۰m
(۳۳۰ ft)
(۶۶۰ ft)
IndicatorMulti line backlit LCD (Full dot-matrix)
DiagnosisAdhesion diagnosis, Empty pipe, Coil open, etc.
Alarm messageAlarm message with corrective measures is indicated (English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Japanese)
Excitation methodDual frequency excitation: size 2.5 to 400mm,
Pulsed DC excitation: size 500 to 2600 mm,
Enhanced dual frequency excitation (optional): size 25 to 200 mm
Ex-proof typeATEX, FM, CSA, IECEx, TIIS
OptionsReplaceable electrode, Rotatable terminal box(converter), Mirror finished lining surface(for PFA/Ceramics), Special gaskets, etc.

Features:ADMAG AXF Magnetic Flowmeters

Fluid Adhesion Level Diagnosis
       The amount of insulating material on the electrode is constantly monitored to determine when maintenance should be performed. An optional replaceable electrode is easy to remove and clean.
Flexible Electrical Connection Direction
       The converter or the terminal box can be rotated in either direction to match the position of the electrical connections at the installation site.
Clear and Versatile Indications
       The large, backlit full dot matrix LCD can display a variety of messages up to three lines in length. When an alarm condition occurs, a full description of the appropriate countermeasure is displayed.
Easy Setup
       The most frequently used parameters are arranged in a group at the top of the display. Infrared switches enable the setting of parameters without opening the cover.
Operation Immediately after Installation
       The AXF is shipped with the main parameters completely set and can go into operation as soon as installation and wiring are completed.
Expansion of Product Lineup
Improved Accuracy Specification
       The standard accuracy is 0.35% of reading. Also available as an option is high accuracy calibration rated at 0.2% of reading.
Extra Small Size Flange Type
       Flange types are now available in sizes as small as 2.5 mm.
Variety of Sanitary Connections
       A wider variety of sanitary connections are now available, including Tri-Clamp, ISO, DIN and SMS.
Enhanced Performance
Enhanced Dual Frequency Excitation
       The enhanced dual frequency excitation method is available as an option. This provides highly stable measurements involving high concentration slurries or low conductivity fluids.
Lower Minimum Conductivity.
       The newly designed AXF converter permits the measurement of fluids with conductivity as low as 1μS/cm depending on the nominal pipe size and fluid condition.
High-Speed Pulse Output:
       The maximum rate for high speed applications such as short-duration batch processes is now 10,000 pps (pulses per second).

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