Panametrics Mentor UT for Corrosion

Panametrics Mentor UT for Corrosion

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Mentor UT is a powerful, connected ultrasonic flaw detector optimized for corrosion and erosion mapping of process vessels and piping. Mentor UT brings the power of array inspection to everyday use with an intiuitive, touch-screen interface and customizable inspection applications (“apps”). Build custom apps for your inspections or use apps pre-installed on the device. Increase your inspection productivity and lower training costs with guided on-device setup and calibration. 

Industry-Leading Features in an Easy-To-Use Package

Powerful 32/32 array inspection with conventional UT channel. 

  • Create your own inspection ‘Apps” or use pre-installed apps on the device.
  • Reduce training costs with customizable touch-screen user interface. 
  • Streamline reporting and analysis with on-board wireless connectivity and data export.
  • Pair with GE’s industry leading dual-element linear DM probes.

Mentor UT

• Powerful 32/32 array flaw detector 

• Conventional UT channel 

• ۱۸ kHz pulse repetition frequency (PRF) 

• IP 65 durability

 • Glove-friendly, customizable touch-screen user interface

Now You Have an App for Corrosion What if corrosion inspection was as easy as using an app on your smartphone? What if you could customize the user interface of your UT instrument for different inspection jobs? Mentor UT combines outstanding UT performance with today’s advances in software to create a new kind of inspection experience. Complex inspections are now as easy as following on-screen menus. Use GE-provided on-device apps for corrosion inspection, or create your own using GE’s desktop software, Mentor Create. Lower Training Costs for New Inspectors For NDT managers who struggle to maintain a staff of qualified experts, Mentor UT makes it faster and easier to train inspectors to conduct UT inspections. On-screen menus guide inspectors through every step of the inspection, from probe selection and calibration through conducting the inspection and reporting results. The durable, daylight-readable touchscreen makes navigating the device easy and intuitive. Inspection procedures, training documents, pictures and reference guides can all be viewed on the Mentor pictures, videos and reference guides for immediate access during field inspections. 

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