Schenck Weighdisc WDI 25 … 200 t – ۰.۰۷

Schenck Weighdisc WDI 25 … 200 t – ۰.۰۷

You are currently viewing Schenck Weighdisc WDI 25 … 200 t – ۰.۰۷

% Improved Combined
Error: 0.07 %
Further Features:
% Load transducer for direct fitting
% No bearing elements required
% Transmission of high interferential forces
% High load application and output area
% Minimal installation space required

% Service temperature up to 125°C

% Ladle turret scales
% Ladle ferries
% Scrap bucket, roller table, weighing and tundish scales
% Train scales
% Silo-, hopper and furnace scales

% Rotationally symmetrical design
% Two fastening flanges
% Rugged measuring body without diaphragm
% Very low headroom and installation space
% Optional: Connection of cable and Weighdisc through a connector

% Simple and economical installation through direct screwing to the connecting structure without movable parts
% Virtually impervious to shock loads and side forces
% Minimal measurement value reaction on high interferential forces and moments
% Suitable to the construction of service free scales in severe environments
% High overload capability
% High degree of repeatability
% High long-term stability

Material quality „A“: Usually construction steel of a minimum quality S235 is used
% Plate thickness „B“: 

Depends on stiffness of total construction. thickness of connecting surface must be such high, that maximum deflection is less than
۰.۰۵ mm.
% Surface quality „C“: Requisite mean roughness of the connecting surfaces is 6.3 μm
% Planeness „D“: Maximum admissible planeness tolerance within every connecting surface is 0.03 mm
% Plane parallelism „F“: Upper and lower connecting surfaces to the Weighdisc have to be plane parallel to minimum 0.1 mm

Order No.
Weighdisc with hardwired cable (15 m)
WDI 25 t – 0.07
WDI 50 t – 0.07
WDI 100 t – 0.07
WDI 200 t – 0.07
Weighdisc with plug and cable (15m)
WDI 25 t – 0.07 K
WDI 50 t – 0.07 K
WDI 100 t – 0.07 K
WDI 200 t – 0.07 K
Spare Part:
۱۵ m connecting cable with plug
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