Teledyne – Five Different Gas Sensing Technologies Type: Fuel Cell

Teledyne – Five Different Gas Sensing Technologies Type: Fuel Cell

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Fuel Cell, BDS, Paramagnetic, TCD & NDIR

By developing one common software platform that can interface with five different sensing technologies within four common mounting configurations, Teledyne Analytical Instruments has simplified the process of providing customers with rugged and reliable analyzers to meet stringent requirements  across many industries. Fulltech on-line instruments include:

The standard features shared in each  of the above configurations for all 5 sensing methods include:

• Three user programmable ranges

• RS-232C bi-directional serial interface

• ۰-۱ VDC and 4-20 mADC  outputs

• Auto-ranging

• Range ID contacts

• Auto calibration

Series 3000T & P Electrochemical PPM & Percent Oxygen Fulltech complete 3000T & 3000P series of microprocessor based trace and percent oxygen analyzers utilize Teledyne’s advanced Micro-fuel Cell (MFC) electrochemical O2 sensors. Teledyne’s MFC’s provide users with an easy-to-use, disposable, no maintenance sensor design that can be freely applied in inert gas streams as well as in pure or gas mixtures containing H2, hydrocarbons and CO2 for accurate O2 detection from 0-1 ppm up to 0-100%. Teledyne invented the Micro-fuel Cell O2 sensor and with 40 years of experience with this technology, knows where it can best be applied.

The InstaTrans uses Teledyne’s latest sensor innovation, Insta Trace™, which eliminates the greatest inconvenience associated with replacing electrochemical oxygen sensors at the trace level – the wait. This innovation can be applied to all 3000 trace series analyzers.

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