KFD2-CD-Ex1.32 Current/Voltage Driver

KFD2-CD-Ex1.32 Current/Voltage Driver

You are currently viewing KFD2-CD-Ex1.32 Current/Voltage Driver

• ۱-channel isolated barrier
• ۲۴ V DC supply (Power Rail)
• Current/voltage output up to
۸۵۰ Ω/۳ Ω load
• Factory configured input/output
• Accuracy 0.1 %
• Up to SIL2 acc. to IEC 61508
This isolated barrier is used for intrinsic
safety applications. It drives a voltage or
current signal from the safe area to I/P
converters, electrical valves and
positioners located in the hazardous
According to a unique ordering code, this
barrier is designed to provide various

inputs and outputs of voltage and current.

Ordering example: Input 0 V … 10 V and output 4 mA … 20 mA is code number 8
Model number is KFD2-CD-Ex1.32.8
The values shown in parentheses are subsets of the larger signal range.
Rated voltage 20 … 35 V DC
Voltage drop Ud optional current input: approx. 4 V at 20 mA
Limit optional current input: input current: approx. ≤ ۴۰ mA
optional voltage input: input voltage: 12 V DC
Transmission range optional current input: 0 … 20 mA/
optional voltage input: 0 … 10 V
Current optional current output: 0 … 20 mA/optional voltage
output: ≤ ۲۰ mA
Load optional current output: ≤ ۸۵۰ Ω
optional voltage output: output resistance ≤ ۳ Ω
Voltage optional current output: 17 V at 20 mA/
optional voltage output: 0 … 10 V
Ambient conditions
Ambient temperature -20 … 60 °C (253 … 333 K)
Mechanical specifications
Protection degree IP20
Mass approx. 100 g
Dimensions 20 x 107 x 115 mm (0.8 x 4.2 x 4.5 in), housing type B1
Data for application in conjunction
with hazardous areas
see page 248 for entity parameters
EC-Type Examination Certificate BAS 02 ATEX 7203
Group, category, type of protection ¬ II (1)GD [EEx ia] IIC (-20 °C ≤ Tamb ≤ ۶۰ °C)
Statement of conformity TÜV 99 ATEX 1499 X
Group, category, type of protection,
temperature classification
¬ II 3G EEx nA II T4
FM control drawing 116-0129
UL control drawing 116-0173 (cULus)
CSA control drawing 116-0132

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