MTL IOP Series Cost effective surge protection

MTL IOP Series Cost effective surge protection

You are currently viewing MTL IOP Series Cost effective surge protection

IOP32D provides surge protection for two
loops or 4 wires
 IOP32 provides surge protection for one
loop or 2 wires
 Removable terminals – easy installaion, easy
to test
 Hybrid protection circuit – 20kA rated surge
 ATEX certified
 Space saving – 6mm width per loop IOP32D

– ۱۲mm width per loop IOP32

The IOP was conceived to offer protection
for both digital I/O and analogue
I/O. The IOP range is the most economical
surge protection solution for I/O
offered by MTL Surge Technologies.
High packing density, high protection
level and low price combine to make the
IOP a value solution.
The IOP Series is cost effective and still
retains a hybrid circuit comprising 20kA
gas discharge tubes and solid stage
components. This impressive product is
designed to exhibit exceptionally low line
resistance and therefore adds only a tiny
voltage drop to the circuit.
Removable terminals are used on both
variations of the IOP for ease of installation,
maintenance and for providing a
loop disconnect by simply unplugging the
terminals from the side of the module.
Wire entry is angled to assist wiring
within limited space enclosures.
Fully automatic in operation, IOP devices
react immediately to make sure that equipment
is never exposed to damaging surges
between lines or the lines and ground.
Reacting instantaneously, the IOP redirects
surges safely to ground and then resets
The versatile design minimizes space. The
IOP32D has protection for two loops in a
package that is only 0.48” wide. The effective
space taken up per look is only 0.24”.
For customers desiring single channel
integrity, the IOP32 fits this need exactly.
One simple manual operation clamps modules
securely onto DIN rail, which automatically
provides the essential high-integrity
ground connection.
A 10 Year ‘No Fuss’ warranty is
available as standard for
the IOP so if a correctly
connected device
should fail for any reason, simply return
it for a free replacement.
‘Top-hat’ (T-section) DIN rail is generally
suitable for mounting IOP modules
although for adverse environments, a
specially-plated version is available from
MTL Surge Technologies.

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