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Acting locally to support your needs Schenck Process is working where you are.

Schenck Process are global market leaders of solutions in measuring and process technologies in industrial weighing, feeding, screening and automation.

With an unrivalled global network of operating companies we are your competent global partner for weighing, feeding, screening and automation solutions throughout the process industries.Members of the Schenck Process Group are:Schenck ProcessSchenck AccuRateStock Equipment CompanyStock RedlerStock FairfieldScreenex 
Application overview
Cement, Gypsum,
Sand & Gravel, Steel
and NF Metals industriesChemicals, Food, Pharmaceuticals and Plastics industriesMining industriesCoal-Fired Power Plants and
associated industriesTransport automation processes over road, rail and port
Quality and reliability are the cornerstones of our company’s philosophy. That is why we consider a comprehensive service concept simply par for the course, from strict quality control, installation and commissioning through to seamless support across the entire product life cycle. With over 30 service stations and over 180 service specialists, you can count on us to be there whenever – and wherever – you need us. It doesn’t matter where you are, our specialists are there to advise and assist with the best in worldwide, personal, comprehensive service.

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