GE Masoneilan Valve Instrumentation

GE Masoneilan Valve Instrumentation

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GE offers a variety of valve instrumentation suitable for a wide range of applications. The portfolio includes Electro-Pneumatic Transducer, air filter regulators, Booster Relays and Electric Rotary Switches.

Valve Instrumentation Product Series

Product NameMasoneilan Model 4411 Electro-Pneumatic TransducerAir Filter Regulators / Air SetsBecker Valve Regulator PilotModel BR200 / BR400 Booster Relays۴۹۶ Series Electric Rotary Switches
RatingsExplosion proof and intrinsically safe enclosure rating per IP 66 and NEMA X۲۱۰ psi (15 bar) maximumHousing meets NEMA 3 classificationRating: -10 amps @ 300 Volts A.C. -0.6 amps @ 24/30 Volts D.C. Hazardous Area Certifications: ATEX, FM and CSA approvals
TemperatureTemperature Affect: < 0.035% span/ C (-40C to 85C)Ambient Temperature Range: -40°C to +83°C (-40°F to +182°F) Low Temperature: -50ºC to +60ºC (-58ºF to +140ºF) High Temperature: 0ºC to +100ºC (+32ºF to +212ºFOperative ambient temperature range: -20°F – ۱۶۰°F (-29°C – ۷۱°C)Ambient Temperature Range: -30°C to +100°C (-22°F to +212°F) optional: -55°C to +100°C (-43°F to +212°F)Temperature range: -65oF to +180oF (-50oC to +80oC)
ApplicationThe Masoneilan Model 4411 transducer is for use with pneumatic positioners in applications with temperature or vibration issues for valve-mounted instruments.The Model 78 air filter regulators are a good choice for applications that require regulating process plant air to Various control valve pneumatic accessories.The VRP Series is used for pressure control or on/off service in applications including gas production, processing, transmission, distribution systems, and moreFlow sensitivity adjustment allows optimization for improved efficiency and safer operation in key pneumatic control valve applications.The Masoneilan 496 Series switches are configurable as electro-mechanical switches, proximity switches, or opto-electronic position transmitters.

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