Proline Prosonic Flow 90U, 90W, 91W, 93C, 93U, 93W

Proline Prosonic Flow 90U, 90W, 91W, 93C, 93U, 93W

You are currently viewing Proline Prosonic Flow 90U, 90W, 91W, 93C, 93U, 93W

Ultrasonic Flow Measuring System
Flowrate measurement for standard applications

with drinking water, wastewater and process water

The sensors are perfectly suited for bidirectional
measurement of pure or slightly contaminated liquids,
regardless of the pressure, temperature, conductivity
and viscosity.
• Applicable for all homogeneous fluids in acoustically
transmissive pipes, even with lining
• For water/wastewater applications
• Ideal for retrofitting
• Installation without process interruption

Approvals for hazardous area:
Approvals in the food industry/hygiene sector:
• Drinking water approval for Prosonic Flow C
Connection to process control system:
Your benefits

Prosonic Flow, the flexible and cost-effective flow
measuring system, available as a clamp-on, insertion or
inline unit, offers you a tailor-made solution.

The Proline transmitter concept comprises:
• Modular device and operating concept resulting in a
higher degree of efficiency
• Diagnostic ability and data back-up for increased
process quality
The tried-and-tested Prosonic Flow sensors offer:
• Easy and safe installation and commissioning
guarantee precise measurement
• Insensitivity to vibrations
• No pressure loss
• Optionally available as dual-path version for short
inlet runs
• Prosonic Flow C with guaranteed and attestable

The Prosonic Flow ultrasonic flow measuring system always consists of a transmitter and the related measuring
sensors. All components are available in different versions depending on the application requirements.
The transmitter is used to actuate the measuring sensors. The electronics and the software in the transmitter
are used to prepare, process and evaluate the sensor signals and to convert the measuring signal to the desired
output variables.
The measuring sensors work bidirectionally as sound transmitters and sound receivers. The electrical signals of
the transmitter are converted to a pressure signal in the measuring sensors and vice versa.

Prosonic Flow clamp-on sensors are mounted on the existing piping from outside.
Possibilities and applications:
• Ideal for retrofitting, installation possible without interrupting process.
• Easy, quick and low-cost mounting.
• Suitable for all acoustically transmissive pipes and all pure and slightly contaminated liquids.
• Very large nominal diameter range DN 15 to 4000 (1/2″ to 156″).

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