Bently Nevada 1701 FieldMonitor™ Series Machinery Protection System

Bently Nevada 1701 FieldMonitor™ Series Machinery Protection System

You are currently viewing Bently Nevada 1701 FieldMonitor™ Series Machinery Protection System

The FieldMonitor™ Series puts our most popular machinery protection measurements into a field-mounted, distributed I/O architecture. Based on Allen-Bradley’s popular Flex I/O™ line of network adapters and process I/O modules, the 1701’s distributed architecture reduces installation costs and is specifically designed to meet the needs of selected machinery package customers. This system provide the information and modules you need to put together the correct system for your application. – See more at: 

Features and Benefits

  • Compatibility with numerous types of distributed process automation and control systems
  • Field-mounted, distributed I/O architecture
  • Reduced installation costs

Part Number Description Specification and Ordering Information 

۰۲۲۰۰XXX Network adapter 141477-01 

۱۷۰۱/۰۱-XX FieldMonitor Configuration Software for RSLogix5 141613-01 

۱۷۰۱/۰۲-XX FieldMonitor Configuration Software for RSLogix5000 147407-01 

۱۷۰۱/۰۵-۰۱ Terminal Base (see note 2) 141478-01 

۱۷۰۱/۰۶-۰۱ Isolator Terminal Base (see note 3) 141573-01 

۱۷۰۱/۱۰-۰۱ ۲۴-volt dc Power Supply 141479-01 

۱۷۰۱/۱۵-۰۱ Proximitor Input Monitor 141483-01 

۱۷۰۱/۲۲-۰۱ FieldMonitor Management Interface Module 141969-01 

۱۷۰۱/۲۵-۰۱ Seismic Input Monitor 141484-01 

۱۷۰۱/۳۰-۰۱ Dynamic Pressure Monitor 148763-01 

۱۷۰۱/۵۰-XX-XX Weatherproof Housing 141615-01 

۱۷۰۱۳۳-XXX-XX Internal 3300 Proximitor Module 141481-01 

۱۷۰۱۵۰-XXX-XX Internal 3300 NSv™ Proximitor Module 147386-01 

۱۷۰۱۷۲-XXX-XX Internal 7200 Proximitor Module 141482-01 

۱۷۰۱۸۰-XX-XX External Transducer I/O Module 141480-01 

۱۷۰۱۹۰-XX Dual galvanic Isolator (see note 3) 141573-01

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