Bently Nevada 177230 Seismic Transmitter

Bently Nevada 177230 Seismic Transmitter

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The 177230 Seismic Transmitter combines a reliable basic protection solution with the support and service of GE products.  The transducer is a simple, looppowered device whose ease of installation and maintenance may reduce training and service costs. When integrated into the PLC or controls system of an overall plant asset condition monitoring solution, the transducer will help you better manage downtime, optimize maintenance planning, and avoid unforeseen catastrophic failures of machinery assets. 

Features of the 177230 Seismic Transducer include: 

 • Ease of implementation and use – Interfaces with PLCs and control systems (like DCS and SCADA) – Provides a quick learning curve for operations and maintenance –through a familiar interface similar to that for connecting other PLC or control system inputs – Requires no field configuration or adjustments – Needs few additional parts for a complete system – Includes technical support for customers on how to monitor their equipment – Includes self-test – Incorporates protected interface – Supports a variety of interface cables

 • Data Quality – Provides accurate and repeatable data – Uses simple data format – Provides raw vibration signal for verification and analysis

 • EHS Compliant – Implements safe and ergonomic design – Supports access to hazardous areas

 • Incorporates robust CM design for reliability

 • Implements Industry standard 4 to 20mA loop-powered transmitter

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