Yokogawa GD40 Hydrogen Purity Monitor

Yokogawa GD40 Hydrogen Purity Monitor

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The Model GD402 gas density analyzer and Model GD40 detector not only provide continuous measurement of gas density, but also several other valuable parameters, including specific gravity and molecular weight.

The GD40 detector is designed for intrinsically safe and flameproof, explosion protected applications. It is designed to be virtually maintenance free for all accepted applications.

  • Low Installation Cost
  • Virtually Maintenance Free
  • Not affected by Dust or Oil Mist

The Yokogawa vibrating element type Hydrogen Purity Monitor has experienced worldwide acceptance as the new hydrogen purity measurement for electric power generators.

The GD402/GD40 hydrogen purity monitor’s low maintenance design, self-diagnostic capabilities, and easy-to-use YES/NO programming provide a broad range of control options to meet the demanding environments of power producers. It’s versatility allows easy replacement of existing “old” hydrogen measurement installations. It consists of a gas detector (GD40) and a signal converter (GD402) that fit directly into most generator installations.

WHICH MONITOR TO CHOOSE? The Yokogawa GD402/GD40 Hydrogen Purity Monitor (HPM) helps ensure that power generators are running with pure hydrogen. It is a fast, accurate and reliable process gas measurement and control device that is unaffected by ambient temperature or vibration and does not require reference gases or a controlled temperature environment. The heart of the GD40 is a unique, vibrating cylinder, sensor technology that measures hydrogen purity. Multi-frequency cylinder oscillation makes the GD40’s measurement highly resistant to errors caused by dust, oil, vibration, and temperature changes. The Yokogawa HPM maintains ±1% FS accuracy and a response time (T90) of less than 5 seconds.

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