Rosemount 3051L Level Transmitter

Rosemount 3051L Level Transmitter

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Rosemount 3051L Level Transmitter

Rosemount Differential Pressure Level Solutions

The Rosemount 3051 Level transmitter delivers field-proven reliability and performance to improve your bottom line. Combined with the comprehensive Rosemount 1199 Seal Systems offering, the 3051L can meet all your application needs.

Rosemount Differential Pressure Level Solutions

Rosemount 3051L Liquid Level Transmitter

1. The Industry Standard in Performance and Reliability

The 3051C coplanar sensor delivers best-in-class performance in over 4 million installations around the world

2. Fully Integrated Level Solution

The 3051L design offers an out-of-the-box ready level solution to eliminate on-site assembly, testing, and calibration

3. Tuned-System™ Assembly Provides Optimized Performance

Tuned-System assemblies can reduce temperature effects by 10-20% and improve response time by over 80%

4. Optimized Seal System Construction

Rosemount Seal Systems are constructed for reliability, high performance and flexibility to ensure a quality product that meets your standards


Measurement Type:Differential and gage level measurement
Product Configurations:3051L with flush and extended diaphragm seals. 1199 Diaphragm Seal optional.
Output:4-20mA HART™, FOUNDATION™ fieldbus, Profibu PA, 1-5Vdc HART Low Power.
Reference Accuracy:0.075% of span

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