SMART Transmitter Power Supply KFD2-STC4-Ex1

SMART Transmitter Power Supply KFD2-STC4-Ex1

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1-channel isolated barrier
• 24 V DC supply (Power Rail)
• 2-wire SMART transmitters or current sources
• Output 4 mA … 20 mA
• Terminals with test points
• Up to SIL2 acc. to IEC 61508
This isolated barrier is used for intrinsic safety applications. It
provides a 2-wire SMART transmitter with power in a
hazardous area and transfers the analog signal to the safe
area as an isolated current source. It can also be used with 2-
wire SMART current sources.
Digital signals may be superimposed on the analog values in
the hazardous or safe area and are transferred bidirectionally.
If the loop resistance is too low, an internal resistor of 250 Ω
between terminals 8 and 9 is available, which may be used as
the HART communication resistor.
Sockets for the connection of a HART communicator are
integrated into the terminals of the device.
The device supports the following SMART protocols:

• Foxboro

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