GE Masoneilan Rotary Control Valves

GE Masoneilan Rotary Control Valves

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GE Oil & Gas offers rotary control valves known throughout the world for their quality and durability

GE Oil & Gas offers rotary control valves known throughout the world for their quality and durability. More than 1 million rotary valves have been successfully installed in a variety of process industries and applications.

Today rotary valves continues to offer dependability, and a unique combination of high capacity and turndown capability. Available in various dimensions, it offers flexibility to match existing installations.

Additionally, rotary control valves can simplify maintenance to help reduce downtime and life-cycle cost.


Complete Service, Fast Response

Quality products combined with expert service have made GE an industry innovator for more than a century, and GE’s Masoneilan Authorized Repair Centers (MARCs) are a part of that leadership legacy. With more than 75 service facilities located in more than 30 countries worldwide — we operate one of the most complete service networks in the industry, so you can rely on a location near you for convenience and responsiveness. In addition to having the technical expertise and product knowledge, GE’s MARC operations are outfitted with the right tooling to inspect, diagnose, repair and recalibrate your equipment.

Range of Services:

• Commissioning – Startup assistance to help confirm that equipment is performing to expected specifications
• Mechanical Inspection-Providing detailed reports of mechanical conditions
• Valve Repair-Returning your valves to “like new” condition
• Shut Down Planning-Helping to reduce outage or turnaround times
• OEM Parts-Certified original manufacturer parts that meet the highest standards
• Asset Management-Innovative ValvKeep asset management software

Rotary Control Valves Product Series

Product NameMasoneilan 35002 Series Camflex™ Rotary Control ValveMasoneilan 36005 Series V-Max™ Control Ball ValveMasoneilan 31000 Series Rotary Control ValveMasoneilan High Performance Butterfly Control ValvesMasoneilan Butterfly Control Valves
DescriptionRobust construction and hardened trim offers long-term, improved process control and uptime, and higher process yields.High capacity design, equal percentage flow characteristic and high turndown ratio for accurate throttling control over a wider range of flow conditions.Complete PFA or solid PTFE encapsulation of all metal components shields against chemical corrosion for long service life in harsh chemical environments.Low torque, double offset disc improves control performance and reduces seal wear for longer operating cycles and reduced maintenance.Low-torque vane design reduces required actuator size resulting in a smaller, lighter valve package for reduced installation costs.
Sizes1″ through 16″ (25 through 400 mm)1″ through 12″ (25 through 300 mm)1″ through 3″ (25 through 80 mm)3″ through 48″ (80 through 1200 mm)2″ through 12″ (50 through 600 mm)
Ratings and ConnectionsFlanged: ANSI 150 – 600 Flangeless: ANSI 150 – 600 UNI-DIN 10 – 100 Screwed: NPT (1″ through 2″)Flanged: ANSI 150 – 300Flanged ANSI 150, UNI-DIN 10 – 16Wafer and lug for mounting between flanges: ANSI 150 – 600Wafer for mounting between flanges: ANSI 150 – 300 UNI-DIN 10 – 40
Body MaterialsCarbon steel Stainless steel High nickel alloyCarbon steel Stainless steelCast iron PFA linedCarbon steel Stainless steelCarbon steel Stainless steel Liners in Buna-N, Viton, and Nordel
ActuatorModel 35 spring diaphragm 70 Series cylinderModel 33 spring diaphragm Model 31/32 spring diaphragmModel 35 spring-opposed rolling diaphragmModel 96/97 pneumatic rack & pinion Model 34 scotch yoke cylinderModel 33 spring diaphragm
TrimEccentric rotary plugDual characterized V-Ported segmented ballEccentric rotary plugDouble eccentric TFE, RTFE, and flexible metal seals offer Class IV (metal) or Class VI (PTFE / RTFE) shut-offLow torque butterfly
Inherent CharacteristicsLinearEqual percentageLinearEqual percentageEqual percentage

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