Endress+Hauser Turbidity sensor TurbiMax W CUS 41

Endress+Hauser Turbidity sensor TurbiMax W CUS 41

You are currently viewing Endress+Hauser Turbidity sensor TurbiMax W CUS 41

Process and immersion sensor for service water and
solids content measurement according to the 90°

scattered light method

The CUS 41 turbidity sensor can be
installed inline without additional sampling
Areas of application
• Sewage treatment plants
– Primary sludge
– Activated sludge
– Returned sludge
– Digested sludge
• Paper
– Monitoring sieve water
– Water processing
• Concrete
– Measurement of soiling
• Production
• Water monitoring
Benefits at a glance
• Measuring range from 0.01 FNU (NTU)
to 300 ppm (g/l)
• Compact shock-proof design
• Measurement according to ISO / EN
• No calibration during operation
• 3-point calibration and 1-point
• For installations in pipes or basins
• Simple commissioning
• Optional wiper for cleaning, can be
• Integrated temperature measurement
• Inclined plane sensor surface uses
process flow to increase the selfcleaning
effect and repels air bubbles
• Scratch-resistant sapphire glass
measuring window
• Permissible distance between sensor
and transmitter up to 660 ft (200 m)

A measuring system consists of:
• CUS 41 sensor mounted in a flow assembly or immersion holder
• A transmitter, e.g. Liquisys M CUM 223 / 253
• CYH 101 universal suspended holder for immersion operation in basins
or channels
• DipFit W CYA 611 immersion holder or FlowFit W CUA 250 flow assembly or
ProbFit W CUA 461 retractable holder
• VBM junction box for measuring cable extension
• ChemoClean automatic spray cleaning system

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